Our Team

Insan’s team consists of a variety of specialists working in education and protection. Teachers, social workers, psychologists and child protection officers work together in offering the best possible services to individuals, families and children deprived of their most basic rights.

In addition, research and campaigning activities are being conducted by Insan’s research, advocacy and communication officers.


1. Administrative Team

Charles Nasrallah - Founder/Director

Lala Arabian - Executive Manager/Protection Coordinator

Bertrand Schneider - Senior Adviser/Education Coordinator

Chantal Hrairy - Acountant

Yvette Soueidi - Administrative Assistant

Randa Dirani - Public Relations

Eline Caillaud - Fundraising Officer

Roula Hamati - Research and Advocacy Officer

Nisrine Debian - Social Worker

Yara Khoury - Social Worker

Zeina Abou Saab - Lawyer

Jamil Tabet - Technician/Logistician

Ibtissam Abou Rassein -  Housekeeper

2. Academic Team

Joanne Chlela - School Coordinator

Sanaa Nasr - Educator

Lydia Acar - Educator

May Farra - Educator (Art)

Dunia Youssef - Educator