Follow-up on Renuka's Case


On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, Charles Nasrallah, the director of Insan Association, presented to the department of investigations at General Security upon the receipt of an official convocation. Nasrallah was interrogated about Renuka Irangani and Jagdish Kumar's case, and about the custody of their daughter, Suzana.

Nasrallah informed General Security that on April 20, 2015, the organization represented by Zeina Chacar filed a court case (number 72/2015) against the Lebanese state, the Ministry of Interior, and the General Directorate of General Security, demanding the immediate release of Renuka Irangani and stopping her deportation. Arbitrary and undue arrest was cited as the reason for this request. Following the petition submitted to him, Summary Affairs Judge Jad Maalouf issued a ruling to freeze Renuka's deportation for three weeks until investigations in this case are completed.

Nasrallah also notified the investigator that on the same day, Insan Association was able to obtain a decision (number 74/2015) warranting custody of Suzana, Renuka's daughter, from Judge Roland Chartouni of the Juvenile Court in Baabda.

At the conclusion of the investigation, Nasrallah hoped that General Security would abide by the courts' decisions and deal with Renuka's case from a human rights and humanitarian perspective. Nasrallah also urged General Security to immediately release Renuka and her husband and renew their permits.

Insan Association is committed to pursuing Renuka's case until both she and her husband are free, especially given that this is case of arbitrary detention and a human rights concern, and not just an administrative file at the General Security.